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There is nothing in the backend other than configuration

Simple-CRM is designed for frontend users; the backend is for configuration only. The administrator can assign users to CRM data and user view/edit/delit rights but cannot access data that is owned by users (except if you assign the supper user access to frontend). This segregation is by design.

Notice message when running Account Create for the first time

User installed Simple CRM, and when running ACCOUNT CREATE for the first time, returned the following errors: Notice: Undefined index: opportunity in D: \ wamp64 \ www \ sdafiacao \ components \ com_gscrm \ View \ Accounts \ tmpl \ Nav_account.php on line 78 Call Stack #TimeMemoryFunctionLocation.
This is a Joomla notice. It is not an error. Go in the Joomla Administrator, System/Global Configuration/Server and change the "Error Reporting" to "none". The message should no longer appear.

Street address always shows as number street whichever is set in Company Code

This functionality has not been developed, the option in the configuration should be hidden. You can make it work though. If you can change the code, oo to /site/View/Accounts/tmpl/Address_modal.php line 22 where you'll find $prefcode = 0; and change to $prefcode = 1; that will do the magic. We are sorry that we do not have the time to develop this functionality at this time.

Can I add custom fields and change some of the existing fields?

There is no functionality to change fields. Name of fields can be changed in the language file, or using overwrites, check this tutorials:
New fields and interdependent fields are possible but needs programming. It's open source, a regular PHP programmer should be able to change and include new fields easily.

Simple-CRM does not allow me to save - the save button is not enabled.

You have to allow edit and save for the user. Enter as administrator (backend) and go to Global Configuration. Choose Permissions. On the left you will see all components, go down to simple-CRM. Now you can set permissions for the user group. The group permission edit will allow save. If you also want to delete accounts, the user group must have delete permission (edit permission is not enough to delete).

It is your component free for any domain? Any limit?

Free for as many domains you want. No limits.

Is the database in my server? I mean, do I have to have any hosting services with your company?

All data is with you, your database (remember to backup, I use Akeeba Backup). No hiding fees. No catch.

Could I translate from English to Spanish the user front end ?. Some .ini files to do it?

Search for en-GB.com_gscrm.ini in your installation, translate it and save under /language/es-ES.
If you give me the file back I can include in the installation package for you.

Blank page after install or it breaks Akeeba components.

Always install in a test environment before installing in production sites.
Simple-CRM V.1.1.x relies on FOF version 3.3.9, included in the component package. If you are running old versions of Akeeba, installing simple-CRM will update FOF and break Akeeba. Please update Akeeba to resolve, or, uninstall FOF and re-install FOF version 3.0.3 (and downgrade to simple-CRM V.1.0.1.)
Simple-CRM V.1.0.x relies on FOF version 3.0.3 (link here). It is included in the component package. The blank page may happen if Akeeba Admin or Akeeba Backup are using a newer FOF version. Reinstall Akeeba to resolve and upgrade to simple-CRM V.1.1.x.