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Flow of work

Account forms are for creating, editing and deleting accounts. You can use "next" and "previous" buttons to navigate and manage the accounts data.

Day-to-day sales activity you can use the opportunities page, where you navigate through opportunities rather than accounts, but can find accounts in the drop-down list, and search from the list, or create new accounts and include as many notes you need. In the opportunity for you can mark notes closed, that will help you work with recent notes and hide the history. You can always see the old ones choosing "show closed" icon.

Similar to opportunities, you can use campaign management or territory management, we will talk about that in a minute.

Notes list is for consultation and history, you do not need to use it daily.

Orders provide after-sales support, as you can log all contacts from clients, creating new notes, and can set the flag of order statuses, as mentioned before.

The above describes three workflows: managing accounts, managing sales and managing after sales support.

Sales productivity

Taking notes is a strong tool to improve sales effectiveness but needs to be fast, easy to use and simple. That is the intention of simple-CRM, creating accounts and writing notes is easy and fast.

Notes improve sales effectiveness because you can quickly remember the past conversations with your client and the history of what happened when he/she talked to other people in the same company.

Manage campaigns

Create campaigns to organize your accounts around common interests. If you are selling products to women, select female accounts. A campaign is a selection of accounts to be targeted for a certain period of time. A 30 days campaign is a good start.

First filter the accounts, then select the members in the list and save, you will now find the account listed and can navigate through the accounts, see the last note and write a new note, without leaving the page.

Manage territories

Similar to campaigns, you can select accounts for a territory. It makes sense to organize by geographic regions - the origin of the term "sales territory." Another way is to group by industries, that is also called "vertical" segmentation, and finally, some business group the accounts by name (named accounts territory).

A territory is used to separate accounts by sales agents.

If you are using simple-CRM just for you, territories still make sense if you want to organize clients by geographic proximity to save time on transit from one visit to another.



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