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simple-CRM - Requirements and Configuration

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System requirements

The component was developed under PHP v.7, Joomla! v.3.7 and MySQL 5.6 or MariaDB 10.0.

Minimum requirements are PHP v.5.6 and Joomla! v.3.4.

V.1.0.0 is not compatible with Joomla! 3.8. Please download V.1.0.1.


The software, components, modules and plugins offered free for download are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, express or implied and there is not technical support.

We can not provide support for the code, components, modules and plugins, but we will try to respond to your questions as soon as possible on a "best effort" manner.


Installation and configuration

Upload and install the component using Joomla! - instructions here.

After installation, configure simple-CRM from Administrator/Components:


Create company code and assign at least one user that will be simple-CRM manager.

Assign at least one user to the company code. This is the user that will create accounts, opportunities, etc. It can be any registered Joomla! user.


If using Protostar template, select "fluid" in Template/Advanced configurations - that will give full page wide for simple-CRM. Adjust your template to have room to simple-CRM forms.

Create simple-CRM menu items. Remember to select registered access to all menu items, to prevent from showing private data to the public.


If your site has multiple menus, you must create all simple-CRM menus and unpublish those that you do use. Unpublish is not Trashed: an unpublished menu holds the menu item id in the database, used by the component on navigating though forms. In the absence of a menu item id, Joomla! may render the form outside the simple-CRM menu with a different formatting and... without the menu to going back.

If you have set the logout Joomla! menu item, set the redirect page to home page (in modules/login) otherwise the user will get a 404 error page if logout from component (this is not a bug, it is just that on logout Joomla! render the last page, in this case a registered access page).

Joomla! Global Configuration "Search Engine Friendly URLs" should be set to YES (preferred), but remember you need .htaccess set correctly. The component works fine without SEF, but if you cannot access the server to add or modify the .htaccess file you can install the component Akeeba Admin tools, it creates .htaccess file and protect your site at the application level, without having to access server configurations and files.


Configuring your company

Format dates and address format - select according to your preferences, it will replace language options.

Set currency values: you can create several different currencies and type the conversion rate. The user will be able to select currency when creating opportunities and orders, but will not be able to change the conversion rates.

Associate users to company:


Set sales targets (quota) is for information only, it is not used at this time but will be included in future versions of simple-CRM.

The association of users to company codes allow you to have as many segregated sales groups that you may want, and prevents a regular Joomla! user to access sales data. Company codes are required to segregate an allow privacy for your sales activity.