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Making a deal is not always easy, but one thing has always being true: if you do not call the closing, it does not happen. "No" is on the table, so it is your call to ask for "YES". No matter how good your marketing, the product, SEO or the traffic to your site, you must call for an action... read and get simple-CRM for free...

Call for action must be included in all conversations: blog, page, newsletter, phone call, every time. I have met sales people that are afraid of hearing "no" so they do not ask for a "yes". A good sales person hears 4 times "no" for each "yes", that is a ratio of 1 in 5 (20%), a good one. The more you hear "no" more are the likes of hearing a 'yes".

When not asking for closing?

The trick is to show value before asking for closing. Some people never say the price, they just keep explaining the value, the benefit, how good it fits in the necessity of the buyer, how other people decided about buying, and other value selling argumentation, until they notice the customer is agreeing to the value proposition. Why not say the price? Because price is a barrier to acquire stuff. Show value, avoid barriers. When the customer sees himself/herself into the deal, in using the stuff that you're selling, that is the point of asking the closing... "it fits so well, just get it now!".

Sharp! Close it now!

If you wait, the opportunity is over. Something will catch the customer yes, any little distraction and oops, the focus goes to anther thing and it is over. You miss the target.

Right timing is key but, what if you are selling on-line, no talk person-to-person, is timing so important? Yes! Statistics show that 60% to 80% of shopping carts get abandoned, that is, the client has decided to buy but not completed the payment. One in four give up because of timing, according to Baymard Institute. You will never be on top if your site is slow. I recommend 3 things:

  1. Reduce the number of fields required for closing and paying. Keep it short and simple.
  2. Move to a fast server. I recommend Rochen. (I did not say the price, but you'll be surprised!).
  3. Check your site speed and improve performance, check it with SEO Powersuite (free trial of "pro" version here).

What if the answer is NO?

Never give up! While the ability of hearing "no" without getting depressed and having the courage to ask for "yes" is fundamental for selling, persistence is by far the most important virtue of a sales person.

It is time to ask why and why not. Try to understand the reasons that let the buyers get off at the decision point. Have you had a wrong interpretation of the value perceived by the client? Go through the process of checking your understanding. Have he/she had a distraction? Pursue getting back to yes. Perhaps he/she wants to buy but has no money now, break into installments.

Never discount at this point... well, many people will disagree with me but discounts are better for bringing the customers into the store but, after the value is perceived, lowering price will not change the perception. Except if the reason is "cash" (the buyer has no money) and a discount can get it right. Discounting too early in the value building process makes your product sound cheap and reduces the value perceived.

Discount later. If after all arguments you cannot get back to closing and the customer is leaving with empty hands, offer new stuff or a gift, add more value for the same price. If not successful, get his/her email and later send a "special offer" discount, gift, bonus, or new items just like that, so that the customer comes back in.

For online sales, Google "recover abandoned carts" for more tips and options, although the majority falls back to what I said in the previous paragraph: send a nice and warm email with a good promotion. Whatsapp and SMS if possible. Keep in touch with clients. Use simple-CRM for help - it can be downloaded free here (free Joomla required). Send me an email and I can set up a free account to run simple-CRM with some adds, but free!